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Office Hour Change

Effective January 16, 2015:

Monday – Thursday
9:00am - 5:00pm

9:00am - Noon

We will be unavailable for appointments or phone calls on Friday afternoons, so that we may finalize our work for the week. This also ensures that we have some uninterrupted time to devote to the needs of our clients.



Death Record Form


Here is the form I use every time I order death certificates for Florida death: Death Record Form.
I download the form as needed (as they change the form from time to time). See this website for more information. Florida also has PDF forms for Birth, Marriage, and Divorce happening in Florida as well.


Property Tax Exemptions


All Florida counties provide Property Tax Savings Exemptions for Homestead, but they also offer these for recognized categories, like Window, Blind, Disabled, Service Connected Veterans, and more. There are requirements to provide verification documents that each county establishes.

Some cities offer these exemptions as well.


There are deadlines – to be filed with the Homestead Exemption — March 1st of the year eligible to apply – Example: the absolute deadline to LATE FILE for any 2017 exemption — if you miss the March 1 timely filing deadline — is September 18, 2017. State law (Sec. 196.011(8), Fla.


The details about the exemptions process can be found on each county’s Property Appraiser site.



Lake County —

Seminole County —

Volusia —

Orange —

Check it out – maybe you are paying too much property tax.


Tax Form URTS W-4


This year, we have been experiencing more pension providers, like DFAS, that are now requiring a yearly Election of Federal Tax withholding form to be filled out. This is the tax form URTS W-4.


Some of these pension providers/administrators are taking the position that if they do not receive the completed form, by early each year, their default is to start Federal Withholding from the pension’s check. This is a pain in the neck and somewhat redundant for folks who have been receiving their pension checks for 10, 20, even 30 years and do not need the Federal Withholding from their pension checks.
This is also pushing folks to set up online pension access, which many elderly folks don’t do or even understand.