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Office Hour Change

Effective January 16, 2015, our hours will be as follows:

Monday – Thursday 9 am to 5 pm
Friday – 9 am to noon

We will be unavailable for appointments or phone calls on Friday afternoons, so that we may finalize our work for the week. This also ensures that we have some uninterrupted time to devote to the needs of our clients.

What Happens to Your Pet if you Become Disabled? What Happens to Your Pet if You Become Disabled?

Image Credit: Luke Ma


Did you know that there is a new podcast for animal lovers? It’s called All My Children Wear Fur Coats, and is hosted by Peggy Hoyt, estate planning attorney and author.


The aim of the podcast is to explore the options and alternatives for creating a lasting legacy for your pet to protect their future should something happen.


Theresa Barton joined in the fun as a guest speaker on May 11, 2015. The conversation was about what happens to your pet if you become disabled, and the importance of planning. Click here to listen to the podcast.


The podcast is also featuring Memorial Mondays, where, on the first Monday of every month, you can call in and tell your story about your pet.


Peggy’s podcast is hosted on Nature’s Channel, and airs Mondays at 3 pm ET. You can learn more about the podcast, or listen to back episodes, by checking out her channel, All My Children Wear Fur Coats with Peggy Hoyt.


If you want to meet Peggy in real life, you can attend her Peace After Pet Loss seminars at One Senior Place, hosted on the second Friday of the month from 9 – 10 am, June 12, 2015. She will also be hosting this event on July 10th, and August 14th in the same location.


A Moving Company With Heart

Image Credit: Jon Ashcroft

Image Credit: Jon Ashcroft


As a guardian, we meet with many varied service providers on behalf of our clients. It is always delightful when we come across businesses who care about more than just profit, and who make an effort to give back to the community.


We recently came across one company who fits this description – 1776 Moving and Storage in Orlando.


After dealing with the exploitation of some elderly family members, the experience left the owner with a desire to help the elderly, and those who protect the elderly.


As such, he has a special rate for local guardians and guardian ad litem. Additionally, he uses a flat fuel charge, instead of charging a percentage of the total bill.


We have recently used 1776 Moving and Storage for a few different clients, and it was a good experience each time. The workers are patient with dementia and memory disorder clients, even when those clients ask them the same question 50 times over.


Thank you for caring. :)

Resource and Community Assistance Calls Resource and Community Assistance Calls

Image Credit: @Doug88888

We are not a government agency, nor a charity resource organization, but after 20+ years our name has traveled far and wide, and we get calls each month from folks looking for all kinds of assistance.


Our goal is to listen and to try to connect them with the best fitting resource, if they have needs that we cannot assist with. There have been many sad calls, many “social system failure” frustration calls, and then there have been a few doozies that may make you smile (or cringe).


Once we got a call from a family that bought a home that was once owned by one of our clients. The ownership had changed many times in the 10+ years since our client had owned it. Well, the family that now owned the house called to ask if we had heard if it was haunted. We considered suggesting that they call the Ghost Busters, but then thought better of it.


Another time, we got a call from a woman named Christa, who said that her new neighbors (some people who had purchased our deceased client’s home), were leaving the yard in disrepair. They would leave the garbage out all the time, and the yard was always a mess.


Christa asked if there was anything we could do because she didn’t want to go talk to the new neighbors about the problem, nor did she want to call the police or code enforcement. We explained there wasn’t much we could do, and that we really didn’t have the rights to do anything about the situation.


We asked if there was a home owner’s association that she could contact, but there wasn’t. We suggested that she might want to find another neighbor who might be willing to speak to the new family and get them to clean up their yard a bit. But otherwise, we really didn’t have any suggestions to help her with her situation. She was NOT happy about that.